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Norwegian Entomological Society (Norsk Entomologisk Forening)
The Norwegian Entomological Society was founded in 1904 with the goals of increasing the interest and study of entomology in Norway together with enabling contact between these interested. Anyone interested in insects can become a member of the Society, members include both professional entomologists and amateurs. The Society has around 400 members spread throughout Norway. Since 1976 the Society has published Insekt-Nytt sent to all members. The magazine appears four times a year and contains articles on collecting, preparation, literature on Norwegian insects, new finds etc. The society also publishes a scientific journal, The Norwegian Journal of Entomology which appears twice a year. In addition to the main society there are local groups who arrange excursions to interesting locations and guidance in connection with species identification and preservation of collected material.

Royal Entomological Society
The Royal Entomological Society was founded in 1833 as the Entomological Society of London and is the successor to a number of short-lived societies dating back to 1745. The first meetings were held in the Thatched House Tavern, St. James's Street. Various other places in their turn became the scene of the Society's activities before the freehold of the headquarters at 41 Queen's Gate was bought in 1920, where the Society stayed until 2007 when the Mansion House at St Albans was purchased. In 1855 a Royal Charter was granted to the Entomological Society by Queen Victoria and the privilege of adding the word "Royal" to the title was granted by King George V in 1933, the Centenary of the Society's foundation. Many eminent scientists of the past, Darwin and Wallace to mention but two, have been Fellows of the Society. Through the years most internationally recognised entomologists have been and are, numbered among the Fellowship.



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Reporting system for insects (Rapportsystemet for småkryp)
The Reporting system for insects was developed by the Species Database (Norway) I collaboration with the Norwegian Entomological Society (Norsk entomologisk forening, NEF) and the Norwegian Zoological Society (Norsk zoologisk forening, NZF) and includes terrestrial and aquatic species of insect, spiders, snails and other invertebrates. The system is a development of the reporting system for insects developed and hosted by Artbanken (Sweden). The Norwegian Species Database owns the reporting system and technical support, the reporter owns the information. The goal is to provide an accessible registration system accessible to the general public and thereby increase the reporting of observations of these groups of animal in Norway together with presenting the finds in a wider context.

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